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1.What if I wish to drive the rented vehicle abroad?

Your search engine results will display you cars that you could pick up in one nation and drop off in another. Keep in mind if you intend to cross certain borders while travelling. At the car rental counter, there seem to be frequently additional costs, taxes, or insurance that you must pay. You might not be permitted to transport your car to another nation dependent on the place you're leasing. If you wish to drive your rental car into another nation while travelling, get in touch with us and we'll go over your alternatives.

2.What is the refund procedure?

You will get a complete refund if your cancel: And Over 48 hours beforehand your rental is scheduled to begin (if you paid a stable value when you reserved the car, you won't have the money back. Just under 48 hours in advance or while you are still at the rental station, we will return your payment less the amount of the first three days of actual rental; if your car was reserved for three days or fewer, there will be no refund. You won't get a refund Now since their rental is scheduled to start or if you just don't show up. Except for, all reservations are subject to this.

3.What happens if I don't have a booking confirmation?

Most reservations are immediately confirmed, and practically all are done with in 48 hours. During 48 hours, if we have not yet validated your reservation, we will get in touch with you and let you know why. Following confirmation, go to "Manage booking" to see the status of your reservation. When you paid in full on your rental car reservation, if you made a payment when you first made the reservation, you will get ones Rental Voucher.

4.When I pick up my car, will I be required to pay anything?

Yes. You'll submit a charge for your car when you pick it up. Additional workers and any optional equipment you choose, such a GPS or high chair, will cost money. Depending about where you hire, the age of both the driver or operators, and the nature of your journey, there can be additional fees. Taxes collected, geolocation fees, yet another fees, fuel expenses, banking fees, winterization costs, senior driver costs, young driver costs, out-of-hours costs, costs for towing services, costs for mileage, and bridge costs are a few example. For further information, check the terms and conditions of your car (

5.Why did the car rental company ( charge me?

Car offers a best price assurance. If you discover a lower like-for-like which was before rental value during or after making a reservation, but even before pick-up, we'll match it. The Price Match Guaranteed is applicable to well before rental rates provided on equivalent car rentals by other competitive UK car rental companies. This policy does not applicable to vehicles that are listed as someone being "on-request" with Car or the operators being contrasted to us. It applies to pricing offered through aviation websites or contact centres, but does not extend to promo codes. It is applicable either before or following ordering up until about the rental launch date.

6.How to add the extras, such child seats and GPS.

Call the agency immediately at the number listed on your email address if you want to add something else to your reservation.

7.Does the base price include insurance?

Insurance is not included in the prices listed on the webpage. Residents from everywhere can get Rental Car Security when checking out. Since it is not part of the standard rental car charge as an all resident, you could purchase Vehicle Rental Protection offered by Traveling Guard AIG via at payment. In some foreign locations, like any city, you may be required to purchase supplementary local protection when making a car rental reservation. Additionally, you can upgrade an existing Carrentals booking online with Rental Car Security.

8.What paperwork must I bring for pick up?

Please remember to have your email confirmation from Car Rental alongside you. A valid driver's licence and credit card in the identity of the principal driver are also required. You may find your reservation's details here: Please ask a member of our customer service department for help when you require it. You might be asked to give more documentation when you're renting somewhere near to your house, such two recent, paid water bills in their name that list your address.